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XSEED 5 Step Training for teachers

Xseed 5 Step Training Programme for Teachers was organized on 25th April 2017 for the teachers of Barakah International School. The training focused on preparing the teachers to understand the methodology of the Xseed curriculum so that they can implement it effectively in the classroom. The teachers were taken through an experiential cycle of observing, delivering, assessing and evaluating methods of teaching. The teachers were introduced to the 5As of the Xseed curriculum which are Aim, Action, Analysis, Application and Assessment. They were also introduced to the Xseeds specific building blocks such as the use of lesson plans, classroom management, instructional tools and skills and methods of meaningful assessment. The teachers were divided into groups and microteaching was taken by them where they demonstrated a portion of a lesson or a lesson itself in a significantly smaller proportion of time in the presence of the trainer Mrs. Preeti Dubey.