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Dodging Table Competition 2018

Dodging Tables Competition was organised in Barakah International School with great enthusiasm and zeal on 16th November 2018. ????This Competition was specially designed to create an interest and excitement amongst the students towards the importance of multiples in the subject Mathematics. ????Dodging Tables Competition was held in school across the grades 1 to 8 ????Both lower and higher primary students showcased a lot of multiplication skills and actions. Students answered the questions based on their ability and thinking. ????The students were divided into five different groups namely Team Ramanujan, Team Aryabhata, Team Bhaskara, Team Euclid, Team Brahamagupta and the competition consisted of four rounds - General Round, Rapid Fire Round, Buzzer Round, and Find Me? Round. ????Overall it was a great and fun filled competition for the students. ????The Principal and the teachers appreciated the efforts and abilities of the students and encouraged them to take part in all sort of competitions to be conducted in days to come.