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Update on recess radio

Barakah International School inaugurated Recess Radio last month and we can proudly say it is running successfully. The initiative was proposed with an aim to provide the students a platform to boost their confidence and give exposure to the talent of those who shy away to face the people or the audience. The students are enjoying the sessions and eagerly waiting for those 10minutes where they get to participate in the session and are also intrigued with what they get to listen every day. We have managed to grab to their attention in listening to the radio which is increasing their listening skills as well as their literary skills. So far we have conducted games like lucky draw, tongue twisters, letter game etc. We also have conducted many quiz competitions to improve their general knowledge as well. The most popular session of Recess Radio is “Messages” where the students get the opportunity to deliver messages to their teachers, friends and their fellow mates through the Radio. We also have a student reciting few verses from the qur’an every Friday. All in all we are pleased to report that Recess Radio is running smoothly.