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Plantation drive

Planting and watching seeds grow is a wonderful experience for students. A seed which is a seemingly lifeless thing can grow into a living plant. Growing seeds can be a very inspirational activity, especially if the students are allowed to watch the seed grow and mature. To rejoice and create awareness about the Environment Day the students of Barakah International School got an opportunity to sow the seeds on 13th June 2017. The idea of planting trees in the campus is to make the students practically view the germination of seeds. While the students watch the plants grow it will teach them patience and observational skills and will also improve the aesthetic appearance of the grounds making the campus more inviting to the students, parents and the faculty. They were fascinated to see how the seeds were tucked into the soil. They got to know different type of mud is required for different plants. The students also understood how to recognize the different types of seeds. They planted cucumber, bitter gourd, Ridge Gourd, ladies finger and Spinach seeds. The students were more than excited about their plants growing and were enthusiastic about taking good care by watering them daily, waiting for them to grow.