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Islamic Summer Camp 2016

Barakah International School organised an Islamic Summer Camp in the month of April for the Kids at the BIS Campus. Islamic Summer Camp was designated to help facilitate the basic Islamic knowledge. The summer camp entirely focused on building a stronger relationship with the Quran among students age 5 12. They focused not just on memorizing selected surahs and ayahs but also taught about the meaning and the context behind them. The camp highlights were Stories of Prophets, Aqeeda, Islamic Duas, Tajweed, Practical Adhan and Iqama, Tafseer, Islamic drawings, Practical Salah which included daily Prayers, salathul Janazah and Eid Prayers. Numerous activities and competitions like Adhan and Iqaama, Islamic story telling with action, Calligraphy, Qirathul Quran, Islamic songs, drawing, Islamic Model and Quiz competitions were organised for the students to bring the Islamic awareness in them. A picnic was also organised to Pilikula Science Regional centre and Kadri Park to have a day off and enjoy themselves with the fellow mates. On the last day of the Islamic Summer Camp the winners of the competitions were awarded with certificates by the Principal.