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Class Party

“Make the world a happier place by doing your bit” To imbibe the virtue of caring and sharing in our children, a class party was organised on Friday, 31st March 2017. Our students were dressed in colorful attire to keep up the spirit of the day. The students had brought small portions of healthy snacks, fruits, savoury items. This was done to acknowledge the support staff of Barakah International School. The students were asked to carry one medium size plate, serving spoon, bowl, tumbler and a waste cloth.Junk food, concentrated drinks, disposable items and tissue papers were not allowed so that the students will learn how to be responsible about their belongings. The students brought freshly prepared home cooked food for the support staff to concede the endless dedicated work. Games were organised by the teachers in their respective classrooms to have the benefit of the day. Principal along with the other invitees visited each class and congratulated the students on the success of their class party. They were happy to see that the gesture made by the students brought a smile on the faces of the staff. Without any discrimination our students sat along with the support staff and had their meal. Our students learnt the art of giving. They learnt how to serve food hygienically to the guests. They also learnt to tidy their respective classrooms after the party. The hospitality portrayed by our students for the support staff was incredible.