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Cloth Collection Drive 2016

The Clothes Donation Drive carried out in our school received an overwhelming response from the students as well as teachers. The cloth collection box was placed in the school for the students to donate their gently used clothes. We were very happy to know that the students of Barakah International School showed great enthusiasm in donating for the needy and the poor. The response from the students was overwhelming and this is what the students had to say about the drive- “It’s hard for me to see people on the road who wear torn clothes and it makes me want to help them. I definitely felt really good after this,” said Fathima Binth Saleem of class 4 B. “I am happy that a needy person will sleep well tonight with the blanket I donated.” said Afeefa of class 3 B. “I am glad that I got this opportunity to donate something for the poor people.” said Fabi Ayman of class 4 A. The drive was successful and managed to collect the clothes for the less fortunate.