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Cooking without Fire

"Cooking without Fire" Activity -A Culinary Adventure was organised at Barakah International School on 27th October 2016.The students participated with full zeal and enthusiasm. The aim of the activity was to provide a platform to students to showcase their talent and help them to understand that a balanced diet is important for proper functioning of the body. As a part of curriculum the students of class V B offered a treat to the eye as well as to the taste buds through the activity ‘Cooking without Fire’. The enthusiastic participants surprised everyone with their culinary talents by preparing dishes like fruit salads, sweets, snacks, sandwiches, wraps etc. While the students of group 1 were busy displaying their dishes to the judges, students of other groups were exhibiting and explaining about balanced diet and nutrition in their dishes to the Principal. We at BIS believe that cooking is not just making food or experiencing healthy food choices but building confidence and creativity and also enhancing communication and deepening connections with each other. The dishes were judged on nutrition and taste. The judges for the day were Miss Hiba and Miss Sajida. The Principal lauded the efforts of the participants of the competition and complimented the teachers’ in-charge on the successful execution of the event.