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KG Yellow Day Celebration

The students of K2 had “Fun in the Sun” day on Monday 17th October, 2016. Students as well as teachers were dressed in Yellow attire to keep up the spirit of the day. The classroom was beautifully decorated with yellow balloons, lanterns, flowers, hangings and ribbons. Summer fruits were brought by the children. These fruits were neatly arranged on the yellow table along with yellow bowls, spoons, knives and lemon squeezers in order to make fruit salad and lemonade. Students were taught step wise how to make fruit salad and lemonade. Sponge dabbing activity was conducted for the students on pineapple cut-outs. They performed the activity with great zeal and zest. Students were happy to receive the yellow caps as their take away gifts. They were introduced to summer season and fruits available in summer. Students enjoyed the day to the fullest.