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Inauguration of Houses

Barakah International School inaugurated the houses on 14th October, 2016. The program was presented under the guidance of teacher Mazna and beautifully presented by the students. The programme began with the blessings of Almighty Allah with Qiraat recitation by Mohammed suhaan of I A. The head girl Zuha Mariyam of class 5 B gave a speech about ‘leaders’ on behalf of her fellow mates. The names of the houses Al-Shamaal, Al-Sharq, Al-Janoob, Al-Gharb were announced. Miss Mazna also announced the names of the house captains which were as follows- Al-Shamaal –Fabi Ayman Hassan for boys and Aisha Nuha for girls Al-Sharq – Mohammed Rahish and Fathima Binth Mohammed Saleem Al-Gharb – Mohammed Zaid and Salwa Zainaba Al-Janoob – Mohammed Shayaan and Mysha Ruqaiyah Sashes were distributed by the Principal and M.D. of our school to the house captains. The house captains pledged to respect and lead the team with pride and honour. Principal shared thoughts on how to lead the houses and coordinate with the fellow mates. She encouraged the house members to follow the leaders to get honour to their house. Intra Mural activities were organized for the house members to inaugurate the houses.