Morning Assembly:

School assemblies serve as powerful motivators for the entire school. The beginning of a school day can become chaotic and this is where our morning assembly serve an important purpose. By assembling students and teachers in one space before the start of the school day, morning assembly is a powerful way to instill discipline and also to set a joyful and focused tone for the day. We convey a lot of information including assigning duties to the monitors and prefects and also utilize the assembly to talk about topics such as cleanliness and good manners which need to be reinforced everyday.

Every morning the entire school gathers in the auditorium to recite the prayer and watch a short presentation by one class. Throughout the year, each class presents a programme on stage with the theme being either the festival that is being celebrated at that time of the year or any thought-provoking idea that can lend itself to drama or skit.

Activity based learning:

Activity based learning is an integral part of the pedagogy to facilitate permanent learning. Children are visual and active learners. GPS strongly supports this premise. We provide ample opportunities for ABL (Activity Based Learning) throughout the lush green campus to facilitate a lasting and joyful learning experience. Each activity is carefully designed to help the students develop self-learning skills which allows them to study and develop according to their own aptitude and skill level.

Events and celebrations:

As part of our efforts to inculcate in students the appreciation and respect for India's rich heritage and diversity, and also to reinforce in them national pride and respect for all, the school celebrates a number of functions including Independence Day, Eid, and Republic Day , Barakah Froniers , prep –Graduation & Sports Day etc.


To strengthen the self – esteem of the students and to provide them with valuable life skills Barakah International School has introduced an innovative and engaging venture for the students, the fish farm project also known as Pisciculture. The project is committed to providing invaluable training opportunities to the students and teach them the principles of ecology.

Organic Compost Program:

To inculcate a sense of respect and responsibility towards the environment and to build an awareness about the surroundings among all age groups, Barakah International School has introduced agriculture farming to the school curriculum.

The school's agricultural venture is planned in such a way that students are motivated and feel elated of their involvement in the farming.

The agricultural experiments include planting and developing crops in the farm like tomato, papaya, okra, carrot and leafy vegetables.From planting to the harvest, students are part of every activity of the school's farming venture. They also have a special period designed for it.

Organic-Compost-Program in Barakah International School


At Barakah International School we believe that karate is an important part of a complete education. As it helps the students to build their self-esteem and self-confidence and also enhances their mental and physical skills.

Karate competitions featuring both Kumite (fighting) and Kata (form) styles held in different parts of India and the world has provided several opportunities and platform to the student athletes of our school to evaluate their martial art skills and has proven to be an important experience for them to qualify and aspire to attain a place in the future events. Students have done considerably well in these events and have brought laurels by winning gold and silver medals.

Karate class in Barakah International School


Barakah International School offers skating training to the students with safety, fun and humility in addition to all other activities. Skating training is provided to students by trained professionals, and practice sessions are held at the school's skating rink. In addition to the regular sessions, students also develop specific skills in small groups based on their abilities so that they can absorb the most out of every training session.

We also ensure that every student steps on the ground only after he/she has worn the necessary protective gears.

skating in Barakah International School

Educational Trips:

Travel expands the horizon of knowledge. Our school conducts field trips and outings that provide interesting, fun filled and educative experiences for the students. These educational trips allow students to experience hands-on activities that they learn about in books, bringing lessons to life thus allowing them to get acquainted with real life situations.