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Dear All,

Education at BIS is designed to meet the needs of each individual child. This year a total number of 52 teachers and other staffs are striving together to empower children with the skills that they will need to face a constantly changing environment. In addition to aiding better education to children, BIS also trains the fellow teachers, covering the educative domains including advanced teaching methodologies, learning skills to be developed within the student and their activities that paint a Holistic development of a child. Knowledge can be broadly divided into two types one is the knowledge of religion and second is the knowledge required by the community. It is the duty of every parent that we should educate our children with the proper knowledge of both the types. At BIS, we constantly strive to strike the balance between the two types of knowledge. Home is the first environment that child is exposed to. The society is the second and the classroom is the third. As educators, we do not have any control over the first two, but the third one is within our purview.

Dr. Lalithambika K
Barakah International School



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