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Career Guidance Program 2019-20

“If you want to be happy, set a goal that commands your thoughts, liberates your energy and inspires your hopes.” keeping this in mind Barakah International School and College had organised Career guidance Session which stressed on Civil service Examinations for the students of Grade VIII, IX and PUC on 29th June 2019. Career guidance session was taken up by PA Mohammed ( Indian revenue officer, Ex- Assistant commissioner of GST). He started the session by stating " Goals are the targets toward which you point your life". When a student is able to set goals, it helps them be accountable for every action or step they take. Students were told that “Having goals makes learners aware of their actions, efforts, and even their time management skills. Setting goals obligates them to take action, regardless of the obstacles that may be in place. As such, it can encourage students to develop critical thinking skills, new problem solving techniques, and a better understanding of how to overcome issues,” Goal setting is fundamental to the long-term success of any student. It’s hard for any learner to achieve their dreams before knowing how and when to achieve them. Goals help students to focus on the journey to set achievements, which means they will always be motivated by these goals whenever they feel like giving up,” Students with critical thinking skills have advantage over the others because they are able to decide what career is best for them. In fact, they are in the position to set even more goals for themselves and work towards achieving them,” he says. Careers are constantly changing and they require new skills and new approaches. He also explained the importance of civil service examinations. Where, the civil services offer fine opportunities to the youth for serving the people. Our country needs honest, efficient, competent and dynamic officers who know the ethos of the land. By the end of this session students understood the importance of setting a goal and every students were firm with their goal for successful life.