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Welcome back to the school 2019-20

Event : Welcome back to school Date : 10th June 2019 Venue: BIS auditorium The silence in the Barakah campus was shattered with the chirping of happy students as the school gates opened after the holidays. ???? Education is our passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to the people who prepare for it today’- Malcolm X ????The students were back in school after a long summer break. They were thrilled, excited and raring to go! ????The students had come back fresh, reenergised, well rested and full of excited stories of their vacations. ???? Friends hugged each other and students greeted teachers with sunny smiles and warm wishes. ???? June 10, 2019 began on a ‘Happy Note’ at Barakah International School. Everyone was happy to be back! ????The welcome assembly began with a prayer and with a welcome speech for the students. Cheerful and sparkling words flew in the assembly to motivate the student and invigorate their spirits with optimism and dynamism. ????The supervisors presented a skit specially composed for the students to reflect on their behaviour for a bright year ahead. ????The lively start of the day blew fresh energy into the students and teachers. ????The welcome assembly was a celebration of school and education. Jazakhumullahu Khairan Barakah International School, Adyar, Mangalore