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Giant Bubble Activity (Summer Camp)

Event : Giant bubble activity Date : 15/04/19 Venue : Barakah International School ????Summer is the time for children to take time off from the regular chore of going to school and getting down to the curriculum. ????So, the summer vacation is, in another way, an opportunity to horn certain life skills while having fun. ???? Have you ever met a kid who didnít like to blow bubbles? Me either! ????Bubbles are fun to blow, watch, chase and fun to explore and experiment with too! ????Our junior scientists performed Giant bubble activity in summer camp 2018-19 organized by Barakah International School on 15/04/19. ????A bubble might be a mere puff of air trapped inside a soap and water film but to a child, it is fascinating, with its glistening rainbow of colors and peaceful, floating nature. ????Bubble activities are great for nurturing a childís sense of curiosity. ????Each experience provides the child with the opportunity to observe, make predictions, and test their ideas through hands-on experimentation. And this is an important foundation for later learning about chemistry and physics. ????This super easy homemade bubble recipe and activity are a great way to introduce the kids to parts of the scientific method in a fun, meaningful way at home or in the classroom. ????Students enjoyed making giant bubble and it was a fun learning experience. Jazakhumullahu Khairan Barakah International School