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Field Trip:St. Anthony s Ashram visit

The girls of class 5, 6 and 7 had paid a visit to St. Anthony’s Ashram on 3rd August and boys visited the Ashram on 9th August 2017. With the sole conviction of not isolating the old and deprived, many old have been sheltered in the old age home in St. Anthony’s Ashram, where the students of Barakah International School had a deep insight into some of the bitter and disillusioned realities of life which turned out to be an eye-opener for those who averred on their way back to be always with their parents through thick and thin. Our school believes in giving the first hand experiences to the learners and as a part the school’s initiative to sensitize the young towards the aged and the needy, the students of class 5, 6 and 7 were taken to the old age home where they spent their thought provoking moments with the inmates. Father Francis briefed the students about the organization and explained the motive behind taking care of the aged. The hospitality received at the Ashram by the Father was over whelming. The atmosphere created there for the people resorting there was praise worthy and commendable. Our students put up a short programme for the people there and played games with the elderly. It was really a joyous experience for all the students to visit the old age home and interact with its inmates. Some of the elderly people who met the students were willingly staying there as their children weren’t in town, so they had to resort there. The students shared the woeful experiences of all the inmates, consoled them and offered them fruits and the most precious was to give vent to the feelings of the old which made many outburst their emotions. It was really a heart touching experience for all the students to visit the old age home and interact with its inmates. The most inspiring thing there was that in spite of facing so many hardships these aged people have brave hearts and are still trying to find endless ways to be happy to live.