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Pot Making Activity

Pottery is an art of making different things carefully by shaping clay. People have been making clay pots by hand in India for more than hundred years. The Pot Making Activity for was conducted on 24th October, 2016 for class 3A and 3B. The purpose of this activity was to familiarize the students with the ancient method of pottery which was done by hand. The activity of pot making was conducted in the activity room. The required materials were provided by the school. All the students enthusiastically took part in the activity. A video was shown to the students on how to step wise make a pot using the brown clay. The students were asked to follow the instructions. The pots had to dry overnight in order to paint and decorate them. The activity was beneficial as they had to be creative and required a high level of concentration. This simple and fun project introduced the students, the art of pottery and offered them a glimpse into how ancient people previously created them.