Addon Courses

Deeni Taleem

Identifying the need to revive the deen,BarakahInternational School has introduced DeeniTaleem Program to its Islamic curriculum. Under this program, classes are being setup in an atmosphere, where the understanding of Islam is imparted through Quran and Hadith. We sincerely believe that Tarbiyath is more important and it has to be carefully planned at every step of student’s experience whether at school or at home. The many initiatives in this regards include classroom learning, discipline, behaviour and more. The studentsalso acquire necessary ethics, good moral values and Akhlaaqin additionto DeeniTaleem.

Shari’ah Course

The course provides you with deep and comprehensive knowledge of the Quran application in everyday life.The course is designed take student from basic of Islam to an in depth understanding of the core subjects like Quran Tafseer, Hadith Literature, communication skills in Arabic, Arabic Grammar, Translation Skills, Fiqh Studies and many more.

Full Time Hifdh

The primary purpose of the Hifdh program at Barakah International School is to give the students an opportunity to memorise the Holy Quran completely. To pursue this, students are placed in an environment which fosters the development of their Quranic knowledge and bolsters their need for academic excellence.

Our Hifdh program has the unique combination of Taḥfīẓ experiences to formulate a system of memorisationand great emphasis is placed on Tajwīd (pronunciation), clarity, voice, pace that proves beneficial for the students. In addition to this, a special attention is endowed to character-building and mannerismand essential subjects of Islamic Studies are also been taught through this program by the certified and/or experienced Hafizs/teachers.